Why Podcasts?

Salem Oaks is an education company, so you may ask why we’re now producing two different podcasts. We believe that an important part of achieving our vision, of a world in which people are equipped to collaborate to successfully shape the health ecosystem of the future, is showing all stakeholders that everyone in medicine is a person with their own story. We believe that understanding each side’s point of view and motivations is important to productively, work together. Our educational offerings focus on role playing and case studies to allow participants to step into the role of a researcher. We hope our podcasts can teach through example what it’s like to be a researcher or parents searching for a treatment.  

Improbable Developments 

We started last year with Improbable Developments. This podcast creates a platform for real people with experience in biopharma research and development to share stories from their time in research. We share stories of successes, failures, challenges, and learning. We hope that these stories allow our listeners to see the human side of drug development and understand a bit more about what it takes to get a drug to market. Our seventh episode is available now.  

Have you been involved in research and have a story to share? Contact us at podcast@salemoaks.com

Raising Rare 

Following the successful launch of Improbable Developments we started planning for a new podcast in late 2019. Raising Rare follows Sanath and Ramya on their journey to find a treatment for their son’s ultra rare disease. You will listen to their story as it happens raw, uncut, week-by-week as they inch towards treatment. Raising Rare will follow Raghav’s journey of fighting against all odds to find a treatment. You will have the opportunity to participate, cheer, and even directly help Raghav become successful in life. The first and second episodes are now available. 

Subscribe to the podcast, listen to their story, and ask your friends to join us on this journey. 

We Need Your Help 

Both podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and other common podcasting platforms. We’re building an audience, but we know we can grow faster with your help. If you like what we’re doing please subscribe. Raising Rare is looking for sponsors at various levels including founding supporters, at least 60% of you’re contribution will go directly to curegpx4.org. You can also donate at curepgx4.org.  

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