Well that was unexpected.

2020 is off to QUITE a start.

If someone had said that 2020 would start off this way, I wouldn’t even begin to believe what they were telling me.  It would be almost laughable.  Yet, this is reality.  Our day-to-day lives have drastically changed, worldwide.  We are coming together at a time that we physically cannot be close to one another, and we are seeing the resiliency and the love within our own families.  Despite this abundance of time that so many people now have, are we remembering to take time for ourselves?

When you have all the time in the world, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Self-care right now is critical.  It is so easy to be consumed in press conferences, and social media, and even shopping frenzies or the discussion of all of these.  Now, even more than ever, it is crucial to take some time out of your day and remember to center your thoughts, to focus on the present, to remember the positives, and to just focus on your breathing for a moment.

So what can you do for a little at home self-care?

If you are missing your gym, YouTube is filled with work outs to do at your house.  Need a little fresh air?  Hiking trails are still open, it’s almost gardening season, as it warms up windows can be opened, even just going for a quick walk can make a difference.  Need to relax and ignore all of this for a moment?  Focus on your breathing, do some yoga (again YouTube can help you out with this), take a bubble bath, catch up with some friends on facetime or a phone call, or even just give yourself a chance to sit alone in silence and just clear your head.  Need some mental stimulation? Salem Oaks has a great list of recommended books (https://salemoaks.com/resources/), we also have wonderful podcasts (https://salemoaks.com/news/), oodles of other podcasts about every topic imaginable is out there, or even just setting up ZOOM meetings with colleagues you may not see with the sole purpose of catching up (as you would typically do in the office).  Are you trying to manage suddenly dealing with children at home who would normally be in school or daycare that you need a break from?  Try GoNoodle, or online storybook reading, art lessons offline, or have them do yoga and workouts of their own. 

TOGETHER, we are stronger than this.

Don’t lose yourself amidst this current situation.  Reach out to those around you through technology, phone calls, or social media.  Day to day life has changed, but our relationships can survive this and help us get through all of this.  Just remember we are all human, we all have anxieties and troubles, but we also all have different strengths that can help us (or those around us) get through this. 

Feel free to reach out (jamieroger@salemoaks.com) if you need to talk or want more ideas on self-care or resources that may be useful.   Just like everyone else, we are doing what we can to help our neighbors.

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