Team Courses

Team Courses provide and in-depth learning experience with a live educator. Find some friends and learn together. We offer virtual courses using video conferencing, as well as in person courses. 

For advocacy group, foundations, and other organizations Team Courses are a great way to build new pockets of community within your membership. Chose either virtual courses using video conferencing or in person courses to fit your organization's needs an budget.

As with all of our products, if you are interested in a topic that is not already listed or would like to discuss customizing our materials please contact us for more information. 

Available Now

Join-the-Team: An 8-week session that allows the participant to become a member of a fictional Research and Development team  

This hands-on program will invite active advocates to practice working with a study team to design and execute a clinical study using Problem-Based Learning.  A real product concept will be introduced and the team will work on the issues that arise throughout the development of that idea.  The participants will be coached on how they can have more impact, engage the professionals in a credible way, and take a practical, businesslike approach to their work. 


At the end of this exercise, participants will be able to: 

  • Claim their rightful place in planning and execution with confidence and appropriate decorum 
  • Assess what is known and what is yet to be known 
  • Research the available literature, outside experts to fill in the knowledge gaps 
  • Leverage the expertise of all the people involved 
  • Use their own expertise to challenge those experts to ask the right questions 
  • Stand strong on their positions, or to shift their views, based on evidence 
  • Influence the discussions that will shape the future of medicine 

The course includes eight, two hour sessions, typically scheduled weekly over eight weeks.   This allows the participant time to digest and practice the information from the previous session as well as to prepare for the following week.  This course is typically taught through WebEx but based on team’s location and available space there may be an option for in person training. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and objectives.

Bundled Programs

Perhaps you need something more than an introduction, but not quite the full 8-weeks of Join-the-Team. We can customize our programs to mix and match elements.  For example, if you want to train a group of patient leaders, ambassadors, or employees, we can create a hybrid that includes some or all of the online course modules PLUS virtual team sessions that reinforce the learning, apply it to your therapeutic area of interest, and develop relationships.  Contact us to discuss your particular needs and objectives.

Training Meeting Design

Are you holding an event to introduce patients, care partners, and advocates to biopharma R&D?   We can design a case study-based session to give your patient leaders, family-members, caregivers, and other friends some practice in working with industry.  We can develop cases that focus on protocol review, analyzing data, or influencing research directions.   Our belief is that people learn more by wrestling with problems than they could ever learn in listening to lectures alone.  We have experience designing sessions for groups from 5 to 100+ participants.  Contact us and we’ll do some brainstorming with you to co-create a session that meets your needs and budget.

Future and Custom Courses

There is no way we can anticipate every type of learning program you might need, but we can work together to come up with an effective solution.  We seek to make all our learning products interactive, story-based, and fun.  We have the capability to create something that meets your needs.  Contact us and let’s talk about it. 


Salem Oaks is committed to listening to patients to meet their needs. If you or your organization has suggestions for future course topics.

We appreciate feedback and the opportunity for conversations.