For Industry & Research Professionals

We offer other healthcare stakeholders expert consultation and education to improve their ability to recognize and work with patients as partners. 

We facilitate connections among our growing network of patients and their support, industry, and solution providers.

Salem Oaks offers consulting services to allow companies to better understand the importance and value of involving patients and care-partners in your strategic and tactical discussions and decision-making. We can provide insights to your R&D team about how to reach out to patients and their care partners more effectively.  We can break down the walls between you and patients created by language, legal and regulatory restrictions, and fear.

There may also be opportunities for you to sponsor the educational efforts of the Disease Foundations and Patient Advocacy Organizations for the disease areas you are working. This will prepare patients to be able to give you their A-Game when you invite them to the R&D table.

Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining patients into your clinical trials?  Have you had any late stage or commercial failures because you had not collected the patient-driven data that Regulators, HTA bodies, and payers are demanding?

Many companies are creating “Patient Engagement” or “Patient Advocacy” roles in Medical Affairs or Commercial.  There is a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge by implementing similar efforts further back in the R&D pipeline.

You will find this course useful if you’d like to learn how you can create more value by involving patients, caregivers, and advocates earlier in R&D.

We also offer various consulting services to help your company or team become more successful.

In addition, you may find our educational programs to be valuable to your employees. Please give us a call and we can discuss which type of plan fits your company best.