Salem Oaks E-Learning Courses

On demand e-learning will offer you the opportunity to learn about various aspects of Biopharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D) at your own pace. 

These short courses, which can be completed in about an hour, include interactive tasks, informative slides, and narration available as both an audio voiceover and a readable script.

The library of available courses will continue to grow, so please check back.

Bundled Programs 

Does your organization need something more than and online learning option, but not quite the full 8-weeks of Join-the-Team. We can customize our programs to mix and match elements.  For example, if you want to train a group of patient leaders, ambassadors, or employees, we can create a hybrid that includes some or all of the online modules PLUS virtual team sessions that reinforce the learning, apply it to your therapeutic area of interest, and develops relationships. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and objectives. 

Understanding Medicine Development Decision Making

This web-based learning is focused on providing the viewer with a glimpse into the elaborate and complex decisions that are made throughout the drug discovery, clinical trials and manufacturing R&D. The goal of this learning is to allow the viewer to understand and anticipate the decisions at each stage of R&D.

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