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Archive for October 2017

Are We on the Right Track?

Choices. Have you ever found yourself in an unfamiliar city trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible?  Taxi? Bus? Subway? Traffic scares you, so the subway it is. You stare at the nicely designed kaleidoscope of a map and try to make sense of which trains are going where, when,…

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No One is Truly Objective

As the winter approaches here in New England, the picture above caught my eye. What do you see? Is the sun setting… or rising? What’s up? What’s down? Where was the picture taken? When? How can you be sure? Did my opening line influence you? Introduction There seems to be a consensus from all the stakeholders that increased patient…

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Fellow Travelers on a Long, Cold Road

The journey to a new medicine is a challenging, uphill, and winding road. Whenever a patient gets involved in medicines development, they are likely to face a roller coaster of hopefulness and despair like they have never experienced. Since only about 5% of the compounds and proteins put into advanced testing a make it through to market…

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